Effective teams are greater than the sum of the parts, especially when they are supported by well-defined underlying processes and the right tools for the job.

This is why Team as a Service is such a compelling way for organisations to scale their development capability by retaining a full or part team to deliver results quickly.

Why you need Team as a Service

Team as a Service is an effective way to quickly scale a development team with specific skills that may be missing in an incumbent team or as additional capability to enable a fast increase in capacity for existing IT departments.


At kwiboo we have been providing part and full team solutions to clients for over a decade, enabling companies to develop and release solutions quickly without the investment of time and expense in the recruitment of developers and the opportunity cost of slowly building a team.

Our previous resourcing contracts include teams for clients that include Pharmacy 2U, PrivateDoc, Think Accounting, SONY DADC, The Innovation Group and Black Rainbow.

How we do it

We offer two engagement models to deploy team resources and this is tailored to client needs as defined between us.

The first model is a consultancy model where we conduct a thorough analysis of the current steady state of an IT platform, the development and DevOps capability, coupled with short term and long terms business plans. This health check exercise will produce a firm plan for the resourcing requirements required to perform a transition to enable a future state model and this will result in the deployment of a team to achieve these goals. We often plan to incorporate a transition plan back to the client once the pivot has been achieved.

The second model is where we supply the team from the outset, this is particularly effective for start-up organisations that wish to focus on their business model rather than the IT required to deliver it. In these cases we have had early stage businesses approach us for the development resources and expertise required to deliver a digital business that is pre-launch and merely has some funding to commence the product build. We have been behind many successful product launches for digital businesses in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.


Time to market is critical in today’s world and in 2021 we have seen just how quickly business has been expected to respond to the challenges of the 21st Century. Team as a Service from kwiboo delivers day 1 ready development resource that does not need time to come up to speed.

Our proven track record of agile development resource enables businesses to benefit from our years of experience and tried and tested delivery methodologies to start getting results quickly without the lag of a recruitment cycle or the skills gap that may exist in recruiting these resources effectively.

What our customers say

"kwiboo brought deep domain expertise to our business at a time when we needed to scale and move quickly to take advantages of changes in the market. We wouldn’t have been able to undertake such a large IT project without bringing kwiboo onboard to deliver."

Dara O’Malley

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