DevOps is now the established practice of how software should be delivered and this multi-faceted discipline spans technology and teams, people and processes.

DevOps was once regarded as a buzz word for many organisations for years, and the term still has different meanings depending upon who is describing it. However, it is no longer exclusively for the start-ups of Silicon Valley and its proven value is now enabling businesses to do more, more quickly, and with increased precision.

Why you need DevOps Mastery

As early adopters of the DevOps methodology kwiboo has long embraced the fundamental concepts of DevOps to increase development throughput and increase quality.


DevOps starts with people and how people come together to form teams that work effectively with one another.

The success of teams working together is determined by not just the people but the technologies that they use to collaborate, share information, define requirements and structure units of work.

The priorities of the business need to be clearly defined and all future plans and benefits should have a business case to support the changes planned for an IT System. In simple terms this amounts to, if we spend that we will get this in return and the period in which this will be realised.

Priorities aren’t always about money, however all changes should be sponsored with the benefits defined and in context of other changes proposed and the benefit of these changes defined. A clear view benefits vs effort should always be used to deliver change.

How we do it

DevOps as a term, technology and culture is now mature and whilst the tools have and continue to change the desired outcome is the same. Through good DevOps all businesses seek to deliver more value in less time through repeatable process.

kwiboo is an expert in complex software deliveries and we have many years of experience supporting organisations making the change from traditional waterfall project deliveries with manual release processes and unpredictable outcomes.


Software is complex and where complexity exists so does the propensity for human error. The power of automation pays dividends when promoting software through environments to live, when this process is repeated often and it eliminates the potential for human error.

kwiboo has helped many clients including SONY DADC, Pharmacy 2U and Mitsubishi electric deliver repeatable software deployments and defined processes and tools to support the identification, definition and delivery of changes to their business systems.

What our customers say

"We needed to streamline our release process and integrate the DevOps culture in our team with the tools we used to develop the platform. For us Azure DevOps from Microsoft was the perfect solution coupled with support from kwiboo to put all the pieces together to make it happen. We're now delivering faster and with less work."

Murray Rigluth

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