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An IT consultancy for businesses that are serious about change.

We have spent the last decade transforming our clients’ businesses helping them stay current in today’s ever changing world.

We improve efficiency, by doing more with less through building and deploying clever IT solutions that work. All with great user experiences that people love to use.

Software Consultancy

We specialise in the development of bespoke or custom software solutions using the latest development tools and techniques. Our solutions have solved complex problems in some of our clients’ businesses, resulting in accurate, repeatable processes each and every time saving time, resource and ultimately money. We specialise in Financial, Pharmaceutical, Gaming and Engineering systems that deliver real value and solve specific business problems.

If you have a complex business with many manual processes or small systems that are poorly linked, and you can’t use an “off the shelf solution” or a cloud service, we can help.

Team as a Service

We can provide skilled IT resource helping you to mobilise IT resources quicker for a complete team or provide additional team members for an existing one.

Some say staff are a business’s biggest asset and we agree, but we also know that good developers and IT professionals are hard to find. You may have experienced IT outsourcing or have an in house IT team that is too busy to deal with your increased demands.

This where we can help with our Team as a Service (TaaS) offering.

DevOps Mastery

What does DevOps mean to you? For us it’s the use of technology and the culture of rapid change. Change delivered quicker, more often, delivering business benefits faster.

If your software development process is slow its likely you haven’t discovered the benefits of a DevOps culture and technology driven process. We can help.

Our clients trust us to deliver

We have spent the last decade transforming our clients’ businesses helping them stay current in today’s ever changing world.

Process Automation

We can take your Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access solutions and automate them to create fast repeatable processes that do not require manual operation.

Desktop MI solutions are easy for business people to build however these solutions quickly become an integral part of a business, with a high cost of ownership and knowledge locked up in individual team members. Most businesses have these point solutions and some businesses find themselves totally constrained by these solutions when they attempt to scale.

We have helped a number of clients dramatically cut costs of ownership and scale by more than 10 times through process automation. If this sounds like your business we can help.

Cloud Migration Services

If you have a legacy application that needs to be revitalised to deliver more value at less cost, a cloud migration and architecture review could be an option to consider for your business. We recommend that this is considered approximately 12 months before physical equipment refresh is required as hardware moves out of warranty.

Cloud is more than a buzzword in 2021, it’s now a sensible alternative to the traditional hosting model of a data centre. In the cloud you have all the scalability of an enterprise class solution without the investment in physical servers or resources to support it. Elastic, cross territory deployments, leveraging cloud native services that are not available in legacy environments.

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