Transform your business with a software solution designed for you and built by us, producing the right outcome each and every time.

Software you can rely upon is the foundation for any business to grow, be it a start-up or an existing established business.

Why you need Bespoke Software

There are many benefits of custom software, but the most obvious one is the ability for software to be changed when you need it to be, as your business requires it.

Don’t change your business to fit around a system that isn’t designed for what you do.


One thing we’ve learned in the last decade is that the only constant is change. Consumers are more demanding, and the business landscape is shifting quickly to respond to the challenges of 2021.

Some say staff are a business’s biggest asset and we agree, but we also know that good developers and IT professionals are hard to find. You may have experienced IT outsourcing or have an in house IT team that is too busy to deal with your increased demands.

kwiboo is a Microsoft Gold Partner with 15 years of experience in the bespoke software space. We have kept our skills in the “enterprise ready space” current as new technologies have emerged.

How we do it

We have very firmly adopted the Microsoft technology stack as it has been proven time and time again to be one of the most compelling platforms to build enterprise grade software upon. The advent of Microsoft Core has revolutionised the ability to build cross platform solutions for cloud or serverless deployments. Our wide adoption of web technology ensures the most appropriate user experience delivered by our solutions.

The ability to integrate custom solutions with existing SaaS platforms has never been more readily available, delivering software architectures that leverage existing products in the context of bespoke solutions.

As firm believers in agile software development practices kwiboo has crafted enterprise software solutions in a range of verticals including Pharmacy, Finance, Digital Forensics and Gaming.

Our processes are ISO 9001:2017 and ISO 27001:2015 compliant ensuring our proven and repeatable approach to every client engagement on our book of work.


We aim to deliver innovative solutions that exceed client expectations and are designed for the customers of tomorrow. We understand the demands of business from a technology perspective and we challenge requirements in the context of user experience and expectations as we work with you.

Our agile approach ensures a degree of flexibility that is designed to work with all types of client as the breadth of our case studies show.

We operate 2 week iterative development cycles, also known as sprints, that are designed to keep us close to the customer and the requirements as a development project evolves.

kwiboo undertakes fixed price and resource-based development work, both of which are developed using our tailored agile process working with you throughout.

The end result is beautifully crafted software by experts with years of experience in the enterprise software space. Solutions built by us are a perfect fit for the business that defined them, they are scalable and adaptable as things grow and move on.

Investment in a custom solution is an investment in the future of a business where an off the shelf solution does not exist. In most cases our development projects are subject to Research and Development Tax Relief in the UK and result in software solutions that are IP assets on the balance sheet.

Our proven track record of agile development resource enables businesses to benefit from our years of experience and tried and tested delivery methodologies to start getting results quickly without the lag of a recruitment cycle or the skills gap that may exist in recruiting these resources effectively.

What our customers say

"Kwiboo worked closely with us to define the requirements for a system that would accommodate our rate of growth across multiple studios as well as allowing us to plan more effectively and generate reports to help improve efficiency. We are delighted with the work Kwiboo have done as well as the ongoing support and development of the system as our organisation grows and evolves."

Jim WoodsStudio Director

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