Automating business processes saves time and money and allows for resources to be used elsewhere in a business, where more value can be created.

Whilst revenue and costs should be easy to measure in a business, the hidden cost of ownership of IT solutions, business processes or repetitive tasks can be hard to quantify and business leaders can often be surprised by the time and money that is spent on business functions that could be vastly improved.

The problem

Inefficiency is a vicious circle that continues to serve itself as a business scales. By this we mean that if a process is inefficient, it only becomes more unwieldly as more is required of it and as such the costs to support it increase disproportionately as the volume of work increases.

If this sounds familiar you’re not alone, because most businesses have these processes that have been designed organically and are essential to the operation but cost too much to run, often with a high staffing expense.

Innocent beginnings

PCs and Laptops are now very common in most business contexts and desktop tools such as Microsoft Excel and Access are available to most people with an Office 365 license.

With some definition, skill and determination desktop tasks can be handled in Excel workbooks and/or local Microsoft Access databases. However the problems of this approach are lurking in the future and only become apparent when you get to that point.

The simple problem is that desktop solutions do not scale.

The impacts

Typically the problems with labour intensive processes start in the following sequence

The ability to integrate custom solutions with existing SaaS platforms has never been more readily available, delivering software architectures that leverage existing products in the context of bespoke solutions.

  • One member of staff responsible for the process
  • Performance issues with the solution as data grows each month
  • Poor reporting
  • Versioning issues, if members of staff share Excel workbooks that contain business logic
  • No integration between systems, with data manually copied between systems
  • Inability to scale
  • Resource hungry, with the only solution to employ more people

Our solution

kwiboo’s software consultancy services can address the issues of poor business process performance as we look to create slick and efficient processes that are automated and repeatable.

We have added value to businesses countless times where we have replaced manual desktop processes with IT systems that can scale and reach all users, no matter where they are located.

We generally approach process automation projects will the following approach.

  • Analysis of the current “as is” solution
  • Documenting current issues
  • Future state analysis and performance
  • Solution Design and Build
  • Testing, side by side running
  • Deployment to Live

We have excellent examples of a labour intensive unscalable process that kwiboo automated and released to be able to expand dramatically without the associated staff costs.

What our customers say

"The tremendous growth and popularity of digital gaming has created vast opportunities for publishers and retailers, but has also contributed to the complexity and inefficiency of the industry’s distribution ecosystem. GENBA has applied proven technological innovation and media supply chain expertise to create a scalable and secure distribution platform that today’s game industry needs. kwiboo has supported us all the way with the development work, bringing the technology to the business plan."

Murray Rigluth

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