Xchanging: Demo Room

The Brief

Xchanging’s new office at the Walbrook building in London provided the opportunity to deliver the software for an interactive demo room. We worked with the marketing team on our ideas for the space and how the room could be used with the equipment and the enormous 75″ touch screen table.

The room’s purpose is for sales presentations and product demos, allowing multiple users to view and interact with the media on one or more digital surfaces.

Equipment used

The centre piece of the room is a 75 inch screen screen mounted horizontally as a table. The room has satellite screens around the walls that the table can interact with by sending content to the screens.

Each of the screens on the wall is a separate PC and display to the table so that they can be independently used too.

Multi Touch Windows Application

The software developed for the solution is Microsoft based and developed in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The vector graphics capability of WPF means that the application can scale to different sizes and maintain the quality of the display throughout.

The multi touch capability of the touch overlay means that the application can be used concurrently by a number of people at once. The Model View View Model (MVVM) capability of WPF meant that it was perfect for the multi-threaded requirements of the application enabling the application to perform quickly.

Large Form Factor

The 75 inch table is a large screen to work with and kwiboo had to put a great deal of thought into how one or more people would interact with the application on such a large screen in terms of its physical size.

The application provides the ability to duplicate and split content multiple times to allow for a number of people to interact with a video or PDF document at the same time whilst standing around the screen.

kwiboo designed the application to be able to flip the screen display 180o to allow people on the other side of the table to see the screen correctly if the main presenter wishes to do so.

Plug and Play

The system is supported by an authenticated media library that enables users to upload private collateral for use on the table. This means that users can manage their files publicly or privately and share projects with other users.

A USB mode was developed to enable users to walk up to the table and insert content on a data stick and instantly use the table. Plug and Play mode allows a user to simply drag files from their USB drive onto the table surface without signing in. Perfect for visitors to the office to use the table for their own content.


The demo room application provides a collaborative experience that is innovative and fun to use. Xchanging, the client, is a technology company that prides itself for innovation and the solution kwiboo provided uses a number of innovative functions to make the most out of the space and the concept developed.

The secure media library allows users to manage PDFs and Videos and build a demo or a presentation prior to a session.

The solution leaves a lasting impression and compliments the content of a presentation by presenting it in a slick environment.