Genba: Web Platform

The Brief

SONY DADC recognised the challenges of games publishing in an increasingly complex digital landscape and saw an opportunity to create the world’s first digital supply chain management platform for the games industry. Linking games publishers with game eTailers, on a global scale, to drive efficiencies in relationship management, content distribution and consistent pricing.

kwiboo was asked to design and build the platform creating a world’s first for the games industry. SONY wanted an agile approach to the development to enable SONY to respond to the emerging needs of publishers and etailors as SONY started to understand their needs.

The Genba platform was born, with GENBA being a Japanese word for “where the value is created”. The GENBA platform lives up to its name by transforming the way games are sold online.

What kwiboo built

kwiboo took a collaborative approach to working with SONY DADC and created a complex, secure, highly available platform, purposed for scale and load.

GENBA benefits from being on the Microsoft Technology stack, built in ASP.NET MVC and exposing RESTful services to client systems of the GENBA API.

The GENBA platform’s UI is built using the latest HTML5, jQuery, CSS and LESS standards to deliver the best possible user experience.


GENBA’s real power comes from the ability for an etailer to interface with the GENBA platform from any calling platform. kwiboo designed a RESTful API for use with the GENBA platform, using session based encryption in addition to the protection of SSL. A unique authentication token allows for a calling system to authenticate and then use its token with every request, for a set period of time, before it is required to re-authenticate again.

RESTful APIs are follow true HTTP operations and are the most easily consumed web service technology on the internet.


The platform tracks titles, serials keys, activations and reduces operational overheads reduced for both games publishers and digital retailers.

Data insights are shown using a variety of different data visualisation techniques, including dashboarding, charts and table data, with role specific insights deployed for different users.

Relationship Management

GENBA acts as a single platform for relationship management between publishers and etailers, enabling publishers to manage an increased number of relationships more efficiently, which leads to increased revenue.

Using GENBA as a middle man, the fraud risks are greatly reduced when managing relationships cross territory.


Genba is a world class and the world’s first games platform for the supply of digital games content globally. Genba has built upon existing SONY DADC services and created a new business and market for SONY by the creation of value in the digital supply chain. SONY has drawn upon existing relationships to create new value through brand new technology. kwiboo’s agile development approach has enabled SONY to continually develop the platform with bi-weekly releases
in functionality.

The tremendous growth and popularity of digital gaming has created vast opportunities for publishers and retailers, but has also contributed to the complexity and inefficiency of the industry’s distribution ecosystem. With GENBA, Sony DADC has applied proven technological innovation and media supply chain expertise to create a scalable and secure distribution platform that today’s game industry needs.
Murray Rigluth, Director Genba Digital Ltd