Private Cloud Hosting

As we move into next generation computing, Cloud is a proven infrastructure model for reliable mission critical hosting.

Virtualisation has been responsible for the transformation of the enterprise datacentre and enterprise infrastructure models. Cloud connectivity is a must for enterprise businesses. The benefits of cloud hosting are transparent, reducing operational costs and IT complexity whilst enhancing reliability, flexibility, accessibility and security.

Virtualisation makes it simple

For many years, organisations managed their business systems using the single operating system and single application model. Prior to virtualisation this would involve the purchase and management of multiple physical servers that would be vastly underutilised, providing a poor return on investment in hardware assets. Server virtualisation allows organisations to consolidate operating environments onto a single machine, sharing the powerful resources of a single host server across multiple environments and drastically reducing the business’ infrastructure complexity. You can click here to check out knownhost’s wordpress hosting plans if you’re planning on creating a website.

Virtualisation is green

Virtualisation will consolidate any size of business’ operational infrastructure, not just reducing investment in physical hardware and maintenance, but also the ever-increasing associated energy costs of running these platforms. In large scale data centres, companies can expect to see energy cost reductions of between 60% – 80%, alongside increased service and performance levels.

kwiboo is a VMware Partner

As the market leader in virtualisation platforms and products VMware has been responsible for some of the world’s most ground-breaking virtualisation technology. Virtualisation is key to kwiboo’s IT strategy, supported by Dell’s most innovative server products, delivering the latest Microsoft platforms. As a result of this kwiboo is a VMware partner, a Dell partner and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Transform your organisation through virtualisation

In today’s demanding economic climate, organisations are looking to reduce operating costs while increasing service levels and building a competitive edge. For kwiboo’s clients, virtualisation is an essential part of this strategy, with VMware’s products employed to create a self-optimising enterprise architecture that can comfortably and affordably deliver all of the KPIs required to realise the benefits of virtualisation.

Virtually meeting the demands of modern day business

Modern day working needs to happen anywhere; whether that’s across continents and time zones, or to allow for home-based access to files and documents. Virtualisation allows people to be able to react and respond, or simply remain connected to the business and be operational wherever they are.

kwiboo are virtualisation experts

If you are considering virtualisation of your organisation’s operating environment, or require more information on Virtualisation, the benefits of virtualisation, or a demonstration of virtualisation in action, please call kwiboo on 01449 677 337.