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Creativity At Our Core

Bespoke Software Applications from kwiboo that will aesthetically inspire, tangibly engage, delivered through technology.

Easy To Use Apps

At kwiboo we employ the motto “don’t make me think!”. Our UX design is based on on intuitive navigation structures, controlling user focus and optimising efficiently. Simply put, we design applications that work without explanation.

Epic Interfaces

Our applications not only work perfectly they look good too. We are passionate about digital design and have created beautiful interfaces for some of the world’s biggest brands including Sony, Sega, Mitsubishi and Xchanging PLC.

Designer Led

All of our software starts with the designer. Rather than passing a list of requirements directly to the development team, our designers create a unique and engaging experience with nothing but the end user in mind.

Responsive Design

We create dynamic design for adaptive spaces. Our applications respond to the users behaviour and environment based on screen size platform and orientation. In other words we make you look your best from any perspective.

In detail

Common Sense UX

User experience (UX) design is the process of increasing user satisfaction by improving the usability, layout and accessibility, between the user and the product.
The “don’t make me think” philosophy employed by kwiboo ensures that you will already know how to use our apps before you even engage with them. Our common sense approach to design ensures the user focus is maintained at all times, work processes are natural and user input is intuitive. We create navigation structures and styles that best fit the application and its environment – we don’t throw new technologies and techniques at our software just because we can.

The measure of creating, engaging intuitive applications, can be defined on the feedback received. A well designed application will receive very few complaints, whereas a poorly designed UX will generate plenty of comments. We pride ourselves on creating engaging experiences that just work.

Pixel Perfect Design

With so much attention paid to UX and new technologies in application design you can quickly lose sight of the finer aspect of aesthetics. At kwiboo we are obsessive about the use of typography, layout, symbols, colour, other static and dynamic graphics and how they are used to convey facts, concepts and emotions. Our designers work closely with our clients to create visually stunning, information-oriented interfaces which help users understand and interact with complex data, all delivered in a vision that both drives conversation and results.

A Creative Approach

We believe that we are one of very few software development companies that are design led. From an initial consultation, the design team at kwiboo drive the creation of all of our applications. Whilst our developers are amongst the best in the game, we believe that development led software can sometimes lack the innovation and engagement to software design that begins on the designers sketch pad. We strive to solve logical business problems and whilst a developer may approach these using web services, databases and site plans, our designers approach the issues from a different angle, that of the end user. We create a visual image of the problem and then story board the user journey to a solution. This give us a clear picture of what we are aiming to achieve whilst also giving clients an invaluable early insight. We find that this process also brings light to issues, functionality and additional requirements that may not have been identified in the initial briefing stage.

Ultimately we add innovation creatively, this enables our developers to do what they do best – build fantastic software.

The Scale of Things to Come

The definition of responsive design is “an approach to page creation that makes use of flexible layouts, flexible images and cascading style sheet media queries”. The goal of responsive design is to build applications that detect both the users screen size and orientation, then change the layout accordingly. At kwiboo we take this to another level, we create designs for software that not only work on desktops and devices responsively as defined, but also work dynamically within 3d environments both horizontally and vertically, crafting functional interfaces that work on huge scale factors in presentation and demonstration form, taking into account multiple users at any one time. As the trend in digital visualisation form factor increases our design capabilities scale accordingly.

Some of Our Work

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