Pager Power

Pager Power is one of kwiboo’s long standing clients, with kwiboo initially providing consultancy services to the business. kwiboo later redesigned one of the firm’s business intelligence platforms making it more efficient and enabling concurrent use. kwiboo subsequently provided ad-hoc resource to support the company’s in house IT team.

Pager Power is an 18 year old business that was founded in Suffolk in 1997. The company provides rapid, accurate, and cost-effective, on-line reports in addition to bespoke consultancy services for radar, aviation or radiocommunication planning.

From the rural Suffolk location the team regularly travel extensively in the UK, Ireland and internationally in line with the demands of the renewable energy industry.

Experience, qualifications, continual innovation and a flexible customer focused approach to clients enable the team to improve customers’ businesses professionally and effectively.

kwiboo also provides managed data centre services for the company’s web portal calculation and reporting services.

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