The kwiboo toolset: design, project management, agile tools, continuous integration, source control, time management

7 Great Tools for Running Bespoke Development Teams

We’ve spent years refining our processes at kwiboo and we know what works. The IT landscape changes regularly and new methodologies are born, having a flexible set of tools is an essential part of a strategic tool set. For an effective development team, you have to have the right tools for the job.

Illustration of the kwiboo project cycle

Inside kwiboo – A look at a typical project lifecycle

The success of an IT project is determined by how a project is executed. As an agile development house, kwiboo has embraced the concepts of the agile development methodology and we use this way of working for both true agile and fixed price development projects.

kwiboo internal staff presentation in the board room

Throw it out there Thursday

This week in “Throw it out there Thursday” the team discussed Glimpse, Generating a C# class from JSON and a little known JavaScript bug.