Xchanging: Totems

The Brief

Xchanging Plc’s new office at the Walbrook Building in London was an impressive space that ushered in a new era for Xchanging.

 Xchanging’s customer lounge dominates the reception area and the marketing team approach kwiboo to develop an interactive touch screen solution that engenders new technology, portrays innovation, encourages interaction and stimulates interest.

First impressions count.

The Setting

kwiboo worked with Xchanging to design a system to be deployed on 5 elegant interactive screens, touch enabled, mounted in portrait orientation and affectionately called totems.

The rear of the each totem also has a screen mounted and acts as a video wall, creating a dramatic split screen video effect as people walk into the customer lounge.

Customers are welcomed into an innovative environment that embraces new technology and is easy to interact with.

Our Solution

kwiboo’s solution delivered an interactive touch screen application developed in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) fed with dynamic content from social media platforms and a bespoke content management platform.

The system acts as a showcase for Xchanging and its product and service offerings using all of the company’s latest marketing collateral.

The application is a hybrid desktop application with an HTML User Interface, playing movies and displaying PDF documents.


The totems have delivered a memorable customer experience for clients in Xchanging’s customer lounge. All of Xchanging’s marketing collateral is in one place and the dynamic updates mean that it can be managed centrally with little administrative overhead.

The solution created an efficient method to distribute content to one or more devices in multiple locations.

The system creates a memorable experience and gives a modern feel for the use of technology. New clients are left with a lasting first impression.