Mitsubishi Electric: Ecodan Selection Tool


Renewable energy has an increasing role to play in the energy demands of today.

Air Source heat pumps are an effective way to heat a building, however they must be appropriately sized to the building and take into account the fabric of the building and the heat losses through the use of various materials.

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The Brief

Mitsubishi wanted to create an engaging mobile application that could be used to guide a sales person through the sizing process of an air source heat pimp for a domestic building.

A key requirement was to overcome the otherwise technical calculation process by creating a user friendly and content rich app that will maintain the interest of an end user, and simplifies the collection of data to enable the complex calculations.

What we did

kwiboo created a mobile app with an animated data collection user journey. We used contextual imagery for the data being collected at that stage of the process and employed parallax scrolling to keep the application lively.

All of the application’s outputs are personalised PDFs, stitching together content selected for the data entered into sizing calculation.

Other Innovations

kwiboo understood Mitsubishi’s need to be able to update calculations, and the app’s functionality quickly, and without the overhead of an AppStore or PlayStore release process that may not reach all users.

kwiboo designed an “Over the air” update mechanism where the app checks for content updates everytime it is opened if the device running it has internet connectivity. This has enabled the app to respond to Mitsubishi’s needs and for all installs to be updated in a timely manner.


The ecodan selection tool has bridged the gap between Mitsubishi’s sales teams and engineering function by making the complex sizing calculations and models for determining the correct air source heat pump, accessible to the sales team and the public.

The tool demonstrates best in class app design and unlocks engineering calculations to deliver a sales platform that is easy to use.

The ecodan sizing app and subsequent MIS 3005 projects for Mitsubishi were challenging and rewarding projects for kwiboo. At the outset of the project we assembled the core team around the challenges posed by the project, with maths and engineering experience in the development team coupled with 3D rendering and frontend design skills for the user interface of the app. Using a clever project plan we managed to compress the critical path of the project to deliver ahead of schedule allowing plenty of time for the client to test and sign off the product with a backlog of feature enhancements.
Alex Driver, Technical Operations Director kwiboo Ltd

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