Hethel Engineering: Information Panel

The Brief

kwiboo has created a number of large form factor touch screen applications. The Hethel Innovation and Engineering centre wanted to leverage touch screen technology and showcase the facilities of the centre and the tenants’ businesses using a digital information board.

Hethel is an innovation centre with a diverse number of businesses in the building and impressive conference facilities. The management of the centre wanted to provide an engaging solution that was innovative and easy to use by visitors.

The solution

kwiboo built a digital information board which was deployed as a thin Windows client application to a PC driving a 55″ touch screen mounted in portrait orientation. The PC was located in the IT Room at the centre, roughly 30 meters away from the screen, therefore conventional HDMI connectivity wasn’t possible to the screen. kwiboo used HDMI baluns to decompose the HDMI single and send the picture output over the network to the screen.

The application uses HTML5 for the User Interface, wrapped by a windows application that manages content downloads and hosts a custom browser. The system is supported by a bespoke content management platform that is responsible for each tenant’s profile and syndicating social media feeds.


One of the most significant deliverables was the ability to update a tenant profile and to cater for a number of different media types. The administration platform was designed to provide self service access to the platform, with document conversion services for PDF and videos with image resizers to ensure that thumbnails were the correct proportions in all circumstances.

The administrator platform has a twitter listener that monitors twitter for updates from tenants on the platform, creating a merged feed of updates which is then streamed down to the information board.

The image resizing technology is reused to take media content from twitter creating local copies on the Information Board.

Digital Content

Businesses increasingly use digital content to market products and services as an alternative to hard copy collateral. The Information Board has been proven to be a great way to distribute digital content to one or more points, removing the overhead of printing collateral that becomes out of date and eventually wasted.

The Information Board enables people to share the content with themselves or others, providing the ability to take content away that is of interest to them.

Dynamic Updates

kwiboo used the existing kwiboo dynamic content updater found in our other platforms to synchronise content between the Information Board and the administration platform. The solution is designed to work offline so there is no dependency on an internet connection for anything other than synchronising content.

The Information Board can be implemented a limitless number of times with updates synchronised to all instances as soon as the application makes a request for updated content.


The information board provides benefits for both clients and business centres, with customisable welcome screens to create event specific points of interest for visitors. The system is dynamically content fed and enables efficient distribution of updates that can be made by tenant or administrative users. The information board is a cost effective way to distribute marketing collateral and reduces the environmental impact of paper brochures in reception areas.

Touch screen technology has arrived and most people like to interact by touch. The Information Board delivers a modern experience using a touch technology. The solution is easy to use and easy to customise.

The information panel designed and developed by kwiboo has transformed our reception area. Before the installation we had racks of printed collateral advertising our facilities and out tenants services that where expensive to produce and infrequently read by visitors as they sat and waited. Now there is rarely a visitor sitting. Its great to see them being attracted by the beautifully designed welcome screen and then enjoying the huge amount of information on the panel. We feel that our reception area now reflects ours and our tenants high-tech approach to engineering.
Sally Harradence, Centre Manager – Hethel Engineering Centre

When we first heard the plans for the information panel, all of the tenants here at Hethel eagerly awaiting its unveiling, and once it was installed we where blown away. Before we only had a small name plaque on the wall advertising our presence at the centre with no means of differentiation from other tenants. Now we have our own section of the screen where we can upload PDFs and videos advertising our services directly to the centre visitors without even being in the same room. Its almost become a challenge amongst the tenants to see who can upload the most engaging content. We receive emails when people request copies of our content and this makes it measurable. The system is so easy to use and has created a real focal point for both visitors and tenants alike.
Paul Riley, Managing Director – Genite Corporation Ltd (Hethel Tenant)