Providing Bespoke Services to Game Publishers

kwiboo has worked in the gaming industry for 6 years and we understand the issues for games publishers and etailers alike. We have provided solutions for SEGA and SONY DADC. We have worked with GameStop and many other etailers.

Industry Experience

kwiboo’s asset management platform at SEGA recognised the complexity of hardware and soft asset management in the QA process at SEGA, one of the world’s most recognised games publishers. kwiboo collaborated with SEGA to understand the QA process and the associated issues and kwiboo designed a solution to work within the QA business process to control valuable equipment. This control also was applied to other areas of the SEGA business that had equipment needs.

Process Automation

Businesses lose valuable time and resources on repetitive manual processes. kwiboo can help by applying process automation, saving time and freeing staff to add value to your core business. We have a proven track record in process automation, delivering huge ROI from systems that replace repetitive processes.


Agile software development creates the most effective customer outcomes. We work with clients by agreeing a basic scope and then we collaborate on the fine detail throughout the build process. This works well for two reasons, the first being that things change and secondly that requirements become more obvious as an initial solution is developed. We aim to keep clients involved in the development process to avoid any surprises for all of us at the end of a project.

Bespoke Solutions

All businesses are unique and as such specialist solutions are often required to deliver business specific products, services and processes. A bespoke IT solution avoids the need to compromise on a technical system and creates a perfect fit with the uniqueness of the client’s business. kwiboo has built business intelligence platforms for SEGA, SONY, Mitsubishi and many other businesses all of which are bespoke solutions.

Data insights are shown using a variety of different data visualisation techniques, including dash boarding, charts and table data, with role specific insights deployed for different users.

Business Innovation

Bespoke solutions, experience, agility and frequent collaboration with the customer lead to innovation. kwiboo has combined existing solutions and technology in a variety of processes to release new value. A fresh perspective and an appreciation of all interactions in a business process can lead to new ideas and outcomes. At SEGA kwiboo integrated a touch screen device into the QA process for hardware assignment and this proved that a self-service kiosk function would also beneficial for physical asset users in marketing and sales at SEGA. This meant that assets could still be exchanged between members of staff without the need for an administrator to oversee the process.