kwiboo are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

kwiboo are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

kwiboo are pleased to report that Microsoft has confirmed the company's status as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

This places kwiboo amongst an elite subset of the IT Services market, with only the most proficient Microsoft Service providers being at the Gold Certified Level.

For kwiboo the Gold Certification path has consisted of 3 critical dimensions:

  • Microsoft Certification of all kwiboo employees
  • Customer References taken by Microsoft
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey of kwiboo clients by Microsoft

Paul Hayman commented, "For kwiboo our partner journey started in 2007 when the business was started. After 18 months we submitted a number of Customer References and were elevated to Certified Partner and only a few points adrift of the Gold Certified level. We had an overwhelming response to the most recent quarterly Customer Satisfaction Survey, resulting in kwiboo being awarded Gold Certified status in April".

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, kwiboo is able to provide the best in service to customers for a range of Microsoft products with exclusive access to Microsoft technical personnel for custom integration work.

One of kwiboo's strategies is to build internationally recognised capability, and kwiboo will continue to work upon certification and competency accreditation in the Microsoft Partner Programme. In addition to kwiboo's Microsoft Certification, the company also has certifications in CISCO, Google PPC and VMware.